2 comments on “A Hope (Not a Promise)

  1. John,

    I hope you and your loved ones are well ..this is just a terrible time, it is surreal here in Ireland, it is the word I keep using, Ireland has been taking it seriously more each day but there are still a lot of people who think it’s a joke or nothing at all to worry about. I hope America will be ok and everyone in the world. Did we ever think something like going for a walk or buying groceries would be a normal thing to do? Please try and do the social distance thing as much as possible , it is the main thing that has been emphasize d recently here, our national TV station rte here in Ireland is very good for news about to he virus in a non political way. Our govt has done a lot. Are u on instragram or Facebook, I hate Facebook but I am David Minogue there and my Instagram is identity pop culture,

    Hope you get this message, you and Yuri were always two of my favourite bpeople on line when we were blogging, david x.

  2. David, I’m thrilled to hear from you. Thank you so much for commenting. I work from home, and I was a latchkey kid, so this “stay home away from people” concept is not new to me, and I’m embracing it. I’m staying away from social media at the moment, with just quick checkins on FB and Twitter. It’s too easy to get worked up over stupid stuff, which is part of the reason I’m reactivating the blog to work through some of that.

    Be well, and I hope you hang around.

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