So who am I? Just a regular guy who loves pop music, and has loved music since I was a little kid. I don’t play, I don’t sing, I don’t compose…I just appreciate. What you’ll find amongst the entries here is hopefully an appreciation of not only the artistic process, but the stories and the feelings BEHIND the music.

Feel free to leave feedback on what you like, what’s not working, and things you’d like to see. This will be an on-going evolution, so the input will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or content that you would like to share, please feel free to send it along to popmusicnotes@gmail.com.

5 comments on “About

  1. Thank you for recognizing Chris Richardson’s talent…it’s only a matter of time before his sound wows the world!

  2. I’m digging the site – especially your so-so attitude on Madonna. I too could barely have fathomed that I’d ever be so unmoved by every little thing she did, but here were are… Adding you to Scopitone Saturday’s ‘links we love’ because, well, we love you!

  3. Hi – I have some video content I think you might be interested in. Do you have an e-mail address I can send it to for review?


  4. Hi John – Great to find your blog. I grew up on the Billboard charts too – the Hot 100 carefully noted in my journal for years…lol. What did you think of last year’s PSB album “Elysium”? I thought it had some great tracks like “Invisible”, “Leaving” , “Breathing Space” etc – but then seemed to have been filled out with what would have been b-sides in the past, like “Ego Music” and “Your Early Stuff”. What did you think?

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