10 comments on “Top Pop Singles of 2008

  1. Nice list here, mister. We have the same #2 (even though I was sure it was not going to make your list). And I won’t even go there with the level of blasphemy for not having Cookie place higher in your chart…oh the humanity! And how could I forget Frankmusik in my charts? Nice placement here.

  2. Amazing list, as suspected there good sir. Nice to see we almost match on the Killers and several other songs. I now have to go back and edit my list to include your placings 🙂

  3. It’s great to find someone else who loves “Sweet Dreams” as much as I do. One of the highlights of Sasha Fierce.

    And Mariah not releasing “I’m That Chick” is pure craziness. To be honest, the rumour is that the record company was scared of the drug references in the song. It’s so stupid, they are so subtle, I doubt the average person would have noticed. Rant over!

    It was also nice to see Solange and Kylie in your list.

    Take care,


  4. So glad to see that others recognize Chris Richardson’s amazing talent. There’s soooooo much more incredible material yet to come, watch out world!

  5. Oh no just missed the top 20! Anyway, thanks for having us at 21 and helping spread the word – you can now download that song and others for free from our website 😉

  6. Im glad someone is noticing the talents of Chris Richardson ( #10). He is an awesome musician and a great human being.

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