3 comments on “Chart Notables – 12/26/08

  1. It seems like “Womanizer” and “Live Your Life” alternate #1 at Mediabase every other day (today it’s T.I. by 21 spins). I bet top 40 radio takes a pass at “Diva,” even if R&B goes for it. I’m thinking “Ring the Alarm,” which was similarly hard-edged. Top 40 should love “Halo” though. Interesting to see which of these comes out on top on the Hot 100. Will there be a round 3 boxing match from B?

  2. Although they started pretty low in the chart, both “Run” and “Poker Face” will be hits fer shure. And as we discussed, Ms. Gaga is doing fine against the multi-formatted Beyonce and T.I. And, I would be totally ok should “Just Dance” reach the pop penthouse next week.

  3. ww_adh, yeah, I’d be extremely surprised if Top 40 goes for “Diva”. “Halo” will be their jam, and they’ll kill it with too much play. Personally, I don’t feel like the record is deep enough for a round 3, but I’ve been wrong before.

    Yuri, close, but no cigar on that penthouse! Killer week in sales, though.

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