11 comments on “Why Teena Marie Matters

  1. Very few people seem to realize Rick did not write Deja Vu(I’ve Been Hear Before). In fact, Teena herself said, in an interview(I will post the link to this interview when I dig it out of quite a few that I have), she didn’t remember writing it. She didn’t realize until a few years latter when Rick returned a diary she lent him.

    • I had no idea. Unfortunately, we can only go off of the writing credits, and he is credited with it. If nothing else, he had a hand in the musical direction, but that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She did matter! I sure hope her legacy lives on! John, thanks for remembering Lady Tee. Some of her earlier unreleased material has since been made available after her death on the compilation album First Class Love: Rare Tee – check it out, that is, if you haven’t already.

    • I just recently came across that collection but I didn’t pick it up. I’ve been disappointed too many times by posthumous collections, so I left it alone, but I will check it out based on your recommendation.

      • I really think only “true fans” will probably appreciate this posthumopus collection, though, I do think back in the day it would have been a respectable release. I really liked how many of the songs sounded unrefined. I especially liked the ones with just Teena and her guitar. Though I might be in the minority, I really found the whole thing to be quite an enjoyable listen and I think it’s probably because as someone who owns every single song she ever put out, I had never heard the majority of the songs that were included on this release.

    • I too have everything she put out, including her collaborations, and ,the Black Rain that she never released, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the raw Teena in this collection.I ‘m probably in the minority too, in that I think Emerald City is one of her best works. She is the only artist that I love everything of her’s I’ve ever heard. To me, she was just a phenomenal talent.

  3. You didn’t forget it; it wasn’t in the Unsung episode. This is an exclusive clip, that wasn’t included in the episode.
    Note: Her final CD will be titled “Beautiful” and will include a tribute to Smokey titled “When Smokey Sings”.

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  5. Rick James Didn’t write Deja Vu though he may have got all the ‘writing credit’ for it.
    Teena is on video as saying she was just so ‘over-whelmed’ to be finally getting a Record out and working with Rick. That she was forgot that she wrote it herself !
    She had gave a book of her Poems to him and of course sang many ideas of ‘how they might go’.
    It was only ‘After’ her 1st album was released that she got this book back & there – right in her Own Handwriting’ were ‘The Lyrics’ for that song.

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