8 comments on “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. Great post! I always love it when music tells the story of our lives.

    And yes, Rhythm Is A Dancer is the quintessential 90s dance song. I have very distinct college memories surrounding that song. Maybe someday I’ll get around to telling that story.

  2. what the fuck happened to Paula’s comeback? Oh well. no huge loss. Gosh i loved all that early 90s dance stuff. Gonna make you sweat til you bleed is still the least romantic lyric ever, but talking of C&C i was OBSESSED with Things That Make You Go Hmmm for ages. And as a right poofy gay little twink, it would come on and me and my friend would say “ooo let’s travel” which meant mince our way round the club looking for trade!! Ah youth. What a hideous memory 😛

  3. Yeah, wasn’t Ms. Abdul supposed to have that record out by now? Good point. Don’t think it’s going to happen! And you hit the nail on the head about how dance music is still “cool” overseas. I wish rap would go the way of grunge and have dance come back. I’m dreaming, of course, but it would be nice.

  4. Dan, while it’s not my favorite, I’m glad someone else agreed with it’s iconic status.

    Paul, you naughty minx, you!

    PG, as a fan of your own blog, I am truly flattered.

    Yuri, I love GOOD hip-hop, but most of the crap making the Top 10 doesn’t make the cut. Enough with the “Yung” and “Lil”, mm’kay?

  5. I never really thought about it until now but I guess I have had moments of despair and crisis in my life, which, as your post suggests points to why I mayhave gravitated to dance music so much! It’s definitely the genre of music I am drawn towards. Very insightful post!

  6. Duane, we’re ALL waiting. Whether it’s a success or a trainwreck, we’re gonna watch.

    Joe, I think you’ve got multiple sources, between your love of dance music, and your passion for soul/R&B music. Between those two types, that’s a lot of catharsis!

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