4 comments on “Random Notes – 03-08-10

  1. That video of jason has finally made me pay attention to his music, even though I think Bryn Christopher and the bloke who sang Sun Goes Down whose name escapes me right now did it first and better 🙂

    So sad about that interview on DSTP – not sad that it’s there, but so sad that it’s tarnished my rose coloured glasses of Swedish pop!

    • Interesting…Bryn did “In My Head”? Or do you mean that style? Anything in particular I should check out?

  2. Derulo was very Michael Jackson-y, even doing the iconic toe thing at the end. Being this was the first time I’ve seen him live, I was a bit surprised at how non-rappery he was. It was a good performance.

    As for Malcolm, his Deep In Vogue was and still is awesome. Big loss to the music and art world.

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