6 comments on “The Plight of the Boyband

  1. The Club Is Alive is basically crap. I have nothing further to comment about JLS.

    I’m kinda bummed that Alex Gardner didn’t blew up the UK scene with I’m Not Mad because it’s ridiculously brilliant. That voice should sell that song alone. Where’s the fan girl when you need them the most? :S

    • I’ve thought that about “Club” all along, but enough people have disagreed that I thought I might be off a bit. And I never really got into “I’m Not Mad”. Not sure why, but I guess the UK public didn’t really get it, either.

  2. I think there are egos here that are too big to work together in the boy band dynamic.

    I am starting to wonder about Xenomania too, but you called it! Kiss of death it is!

    • Trust me, I know this isn’t feasible, but it’s fun to play around with the idea. Maybe it’s time for Xeno to change things up a bit.

  3. You probably could have guessed I’d comment on this sooner or later. 😉

    Have you heard about One Call? They are managed by Johnny Wright and are being marketed a “boy band with experience”, as two of the members were part of the Menudo TV revamp, another is a former NLT-er and the fourth is a young gun newbie. The majority of their cuts are being produced by Darkchild as far as I’ve heard.

    With that said — if that boy band ever reared it’s head, I’d probably die of fangirliness and sell my apartment to follow them on the mall/summer radio show circuit.

    • I figured you would come around. The lineup is just a lark, but right now, unless something of Bieber-like status came along, I don’t see a boyband making it any time soon.

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