7 comments on “Baby Are You a Centipede?

  1. Finally someone acknowledges Rebbie’s undeniable cultural legacy! I always thought her output was underrated. I liked all her albums. Some of her songs are almost as good as La Toya B-sides!

    • So there is room for more than one Jackson in your life? I’m a bit shocked by that revelation.

  2. I do like “Down”, although I hope Chris Brown doesn’t beat him up for taking what he was doing with “Forever”, and running with it…

    • Well, it’s tough to say that one work is definitive and draws a line in the sang. Someone could argue that Ne-Yo should be upset with Chris, as “Forever” sure follows in the footsteps of “Closer”. But I get your point…”Down” is not breaking any new ground, other than adding a little bit of diversity to the pop charts.

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