11 comments on “JLS vs Taio Cruz

  1. Boy, I hope you’re right about Taio (and that his A&R people/handlers do what they should). I’d love to see “Break Your Heart” become a hit and him get some deserved American success.

    • We’ll see. I haven’t heard anything about him getting a chance here, but it needs to happen.

  2. I could never get into JLS. I much prefer V Factory and even One Call over them…::sigh::

    As for Mr. Cruz — I adored his previous album, despite it never being released here (right?), but I don’t really get “Break Your Heart.” Perhaps I haven’t listened to it enough. But I intend to look into the full set sometime in the next few days. Work has totally hijacked my life and I don’t like it. Haha.

    • Sorry to hear about work, but I would definitely give “Break” another listen. i think the car might be a good place to start, but I know that’s not necessarily an option for you.

  3. Break Your Heart is the male version of Just Dance? Seriously? LOL~ I personally think both songs are so different but great songs, of cos. Oh, I think Everybody in Love is so much better than Beat Again. Love your analysis of JLS, something for everyone. LOL.

    • I meant from a sound standpoint, not from a drunken anthem standpoint. And I like “Everybody In Love”, but it just doesn’t fit with the current US sound.

  4. It’s great that the UK’s R&B scene has really crossed over to score lots of #1 hits of late. But is any of it ready for the US market? Jay Sean may be the exception, but we’ll see. I agree JLS doesn’t have a chance, but I don’t if Taio Cruz could do well here.

  5. I love Beat Again but I think there’s something very British about JLS that might hinder them from making it in the US. As for Taio Cruz I like his songs but he comes across a bit too nice (trans: boring) for me. Of course it would be great if either could break America.

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