6 comments on “Random Notes – 01-27-10

  1. That Boob song just won’t give up will it? I like it a lot still and had Westlife come back with that they might now be into a second single instead of seemingly abandoned the new album already!!

  2. Is that really Michael in that picture? Decontextualized, I don’t know that I would have guessed it. Anyway, I too am still a fan of “Haven’t Met You Yet”–it’s the first song of his I think I’ve actively enjoyed.

    I’d be THRILLED if that Taio song did well here. Fingers crossed.

    Looking forward to your take on the Lady Antebellum album.

    • I did a double take on that pic, too. And the Taio track might have what it takes, especially since Jay Sean has broken the ice for him.

  3. Just found out that Buble is coming back to Jax this year, and Olga & I are thrilled. Yay!! Now I must get better tickets this go round. Last time our seats were just OK.

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