5 comments on “Gimme A Grammy 2010

  1. Dude, you called it on the KOL. This better not signal a GaGa shut-out~ I will be so pissed and hate the Kings even more… LOL. Can you tell I’m commenting during the show?

    • I can. And she got the Dance trophies, as predicted. Now, if she’s shut out for Fame Monster, they’ll have some ‘splaing to do.

  2. So G’Gah won the more fringey grammys? Oh well (he said a little sarcastically, a little surprised). I had very little interest, though I did youtube Pink’s ace performance. And am pleased that Jason Mraz won a grammy. Make It Mine is aces. But Black Eyed Peas? For I gotta feeling – that shouty cacophonous mess that makes Jedward sound like polished vocalists? c’mon!

    • BEPs owned the pop charts in 2009, so it makes sense, no matter how unbearable that song became.

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