5 comments on “Put It On a Billboard

  1. John, it’s almost scary you say that since it was a few weeks ago I first had the thought, “Wow, Dr. Luke is kind of…hot?” (I’m not sure if comments here can handle links…) That’s probably overstating things, but not bad-looking in a scruffy kind of way. And that’s definitely not always been the case.

    Flo Rida with him? That’s a collaboration I never saw coming.

    I’m still hoping that Chris will surprise us all with a brilliant third album. From the millions of demos leaking, if he picks the right songs, he could do it…but will he do that?

  2. I am very excited about the return of the Indigo Girls. It’s been far too long since their politicoacoustic tunes rocked my stereo! And hopefully the Chris Brown stuff will blow him even more sky high than he already is 🙂

  3. PG, I made the association, based on your praise for his BBoys work. He apparently has done a good amount of work with hip-hop acts, though.

    Yuri, I won’t begrudge him the success, but can we please have someone else make some music for a couple of months?

    Paul, I love the fact that you get into IG as well as your other pop obsessions. And see above on CB.

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