5 comments on “Video Notables – Day N Night

  1. How weird. I was talking to some hot guy on gmail chat about him the other day 😛 And now he features in NME’s top ten acts to watch this year. You are so on the cutting edge 🙂

  2. Yeah, great song! I prefer the original version to this danced up Crookers mix..which feels wrong to say (anything dancey should = love from me) but I love the atmosphere of the original.

    Snaps for Ohio!

  3. Paul, I know what I like. I can’t take much more credit than that.

    Yuri, the only thing I ever got from Cleveland was bedbugs from a hotel. So, yeah, hard to believe.

    PG, put your hands up for Ohio! Funny thing is, I went on iTunes, and that version has been up for months, apparently. I had no clue. They’re both good in their own ways, though.

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