5 comments on “Where Was I? – Mary Chapin Carpenter

  1. Nice perspective. You need to do more of these.
    I do like “I Feel Lucky” but have not had much exposure to her, and I think part of that was on purpose, as she was a country artist, and I wasn’t having any of that back in the day.

  2. I agree with Yuri about welcoming more posts putting your relationship with an album or songs in a personal context.

    Those lines you quoted show what an amazing lyricist she is–she can find those little details that get to you and narrate a story (even if it’s just an emotional story and not a regular plot-oriented one) in a way very few people can. There’s something about “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her” that tugs harder on my heartstrings more than almost any other song. The melodies are always there, and the singing–goes without saying.

    You’ve reminded me I really need to try her studio albums.

  3. The funniest part about you not liking her for being country is that there are people in country who don’t like her because she’s not country enough. She’s a bit of an outcast at the moment, not really fitting into any full-fledged genre.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have so many ties to different songs and albums that it seems a shame not to document them at some point.

  4. Well, that was then because obviously I do like some country songs and artists now. For me, they have to be at least a bit pop for me to even give them notice.

    Good point about not being country enough. The record buying public is so fickle!

  5. Yuri, don’t know if you’ve ever heard “Passionate Kisses”, but I bet that would be to your liking.

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