5 comments on “That Body’s Like Music To My Ear

  1. Hmm…I haven’t played a Jesse song as compulsively as I play “Crash And Burn” since we first heard “Leavin'” and “How Do You Sleep,” but “Body Language” IS good…just not quite as good. The T-Pain featuring version isn’t really doing anything extra for me (and I definitely prefer Jesse on the middle 8), but I do have a tendency to too quickly judge changes to songs.

  2. Agreed, Paul.

    PG, I’m completely with you. I was actually momentarily stunned when I read it, but multiple sites have reported the same thing. The T-Pain mix confirmed it, although I even went as far as saying to myself “that COULD be a fraud”.

    Yuri, D’Luv helped inspire that. I can’t take full credit.

  3. I agree the original is better. Not only because there’s no T-Pain, but the melody is a little better too. However, this song isn’t really doing it for me. I agree “Crash and Burn” is better. I’m not exactly a big Jesse fan anyway, although I’ll admit to be enjoying his current single (“How Do You Sleep”) more and more.

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