9 comments on “Inspiration Comes From All Over

  1. use somebody is great. v factory are great and need to happen soon before the world writes them off as another myspace couldabeen. And hurrah for JMac, though he is winning me over more with his Greek appearances lately 🙂

  2. Kings of Leon should be big in America. “Use Somebody” has been in the top 40 of the UK Charts for quite a long while now and there’s no way America won’t like ’em.

    “Untouchabloe” should be #1 by all means. Even though I somehow disagree about the video’s concept, I still think it is great in its own way.

    BEP is effin’ irritating nowadays. They should go back to making their old stuff. They’re much likeable before than now. “Boom Boom Pow” is the worst BEP song ever.

  3. Ahem… V Factory was on my 5SF a few weeks back…

    I LOVE that Kings of Leon song, it is my favorite of theirs by a mile.

    So far as BEP, I hope that this really is the END.

  4. Duane, touche. I do remember that. PG gets first dibs, though, since she mentioned it back in December. Sorry for the omission.

    Ken, Americans have passed on plenty of music I would deem worthy. It could happen. For example, why isn’t Shayne Ward a star here? Then again, why isn’t he bigger in England?

    Paul, V Factory is getting radio play here. It may actually happen!

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  6. Thanks for the shout-out, John 😀 All these songs get a general “yay” from me, though the main thing is that I’m SO relieved someone else in the blogosphere likes “I Know You Want Me.” I hope it keeps rising up the charts–it’s just that sort of easy-to-listen to summer rap song we need. How well is “Beggin'” doing in the U.S.? I think the first I heard about them taking it here was Mel mentioning a promotional party or something for them–is it already on the charts or is this still the build-up stage?

  7. Duane, I know. Trust me, you’ve hipped me to enough music over the past few years that I should just give you props occasionally just to keep up the praise.

    PG, Madcon moved up from 69 to 63 this week on the Top 100 Airplay chart, and debuts at 95 on the Hot 100. And brace yourself…V Factory moves up from 93 – 71. This just might happen…

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