6 comments on “Video Notables – Jada

  1. sigh. it’s good. but every time i hear their name i want to play Don’t Walk Away by Jade. Which then for some reason makes me want to play Weak by SWV.

  2. John – Yes, I do love these girls, for what feels like a very long time now…I believe it’s been about…two years or so…back before they even signed with Motown. So it’s always exciting to see a group you like succeed. I agree — the video is really nothing special, but hopefully the song speaks for itself…even if it is a pantomime of “Poker Face”. Meh. I still dig it.

    Paul – SWV is amazing. Indulge. 🙂

  3. Paul, Jade and SWV are good places to land. Classic stuff.

    Yuri, they always gotta hate.

    Mel, it’s such a great feeling when that happens. I can completely relate.

  4. I love these girls!! I know I was bummed too when they yanked the video..Youtube always does that!! I found the video on Jada’s website http://www.jadamusic.com. I found their myspace, too but they vid isn’t up there yet : myspace.com/jada. These girls are gonna be huge. I can feel it

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