6 comments on “Video Notables – Adele

  1. I never thought that Hometown Glory had a viddie. This is one of the most emotional songs that I’ve ever heard and it’s really tear-jerking.

  2. It just surprises me what goes behind these decisions for video treatments. “Make You Feel My Love” already got a video, but “Hometown Glory”, the 2nd best song on the album only gets one now.

    I am going to see her tomorrow night. Wish me luck. Will try to get close and personal! 🙂

  3. Ken, there wasn’t one upon its initial release, but when “Hometown” got a renewed release last summer, that’s when they released the concert video. And yes, it’s very powerful.

    Will-W., the concert video WAS official for the UK last summer, but I fully understand why they wouldn’t put her on a stage in the US, where she’s not quite as big. (Please, no size jokes anyone)

  4. ww_adh, no argument there. She looks stunning.

    Yuri, I honestly can only see this being a hit as far as Hot AC charts, but you never know. Fingers crossed.

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