6 comments on “I’m So Excited

  1. I’m so so jealous. I can’t go to the UK until graduation which is like in 4 years time. LOL.

    If ever I’d go to the UK, Scotland will be my #1 destination. Arrgh.

  2. I always go to Geale’s for fish when I am in London. It’s in Notting Hill, basically on a residential street. It was revamped recently and I’ve not been since then. You can google or feel free to email if you are interested.

    Be sure to hit the Music and Video Exchange, also in Notting Hill and the Book/Comic Exchange around the corner b/c I THINK you can still get old issues of The Face and Blitz etc. Keepers! Maybe someone can confirm that is still true?

    My fave short trip out is Bath, but I am an Austen type. I usually stay the night b/c the city clears out at 5 and you can walk around with no crowds.

  3. You must stroll through Hyde Park and the gardens. And I guess you should throw a big stone at Zavvi’s or whatever the hell the Virgin Record store at Piccadilly is now.

  4. I’m so excited for you! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I was in London for a week last October. Thing’s I’d recommend: The Tower of London, Wagamama (if you like Japanese noodles), shopping on Regent Street (better than Oxford St.), The Eye, seeing a play, avoiding US stuff (if you’ve never been abroad before it’s shocking how much there is, and it just increases. I’ll confess to having gone into Borders, but the UK-based book chains I remembered from ’98 appeared to be mostly gone), strolling along the Thames, and listening to Radio 1 over the air just because you can.

  5. Paul, yes. I’m leaving the city. Uncle!

    Ken, I think Scotland will have to be on trip #2.

    xolondon, thanks for all of the suggestions. I’m actually doing Bath on the same day as Stonehenge.

    Yuri, I laughed when I read your stone-throwing suggestion. I think the fact that they’re going out of business as well is revenge enough.

    ww_adh, great suggestions. And yeah, I get plenty of Borders here. No need to hit them up there.

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