12 comments on “Random Notes – 02-01-10

  1. you know i am expecting a full rundown of the matt morris show, oh and a signed picture please 😛 And poor JLS, they need to beef up some of the music for the US. Outside knowing them from x factor it doesn’t work as well…

    • Keep an eye on the blog on the run-up to the show. I might have a little something special for you.

  2. Just want to drop by and say thanks for recommending the Lady Antebellum track way before this post 🙂 I am so diggin’ it right now.

    JLS in US? Uh, please~ I doubt their kinda pop will be having any impact on on the US market~ If the superb Guetta’s When Love Takes Over can’t manage to hit a dent on the US chart, I doubt any of their single can do anything~ 😛

    • Well, at least JLS has a bit of the R&B sound that is still prevalent here, so they might stand a chance. The dance vibe hasn’t fully built here, but GaGa and Cascada are sure helping with that.

  3. Those Taylor performances…yikes. Not a surprising yikes (and for me not something that changes my appreciation of the songs of hers I do like), but I know it put off a few people I know, so for some other people who hadn’t previously seen her sing live, it may have been a revelation. Great as Stevie is, having her sing Taylor’s lyrics was a bad idea, too.

    • It’s tough, because the reviews of the practice were good, so you wonder if there wasn’t technical issues or nerves. But this isn’t the first time that I have felt her vocals were less than stellar.

  4. You’re so right about Taylor’s live performances. The bitch can’t sing and didn’t deserve ‘Album Of The Year’. The thing is – I’m actually a fan. It’s a good album and she deserved something for “You Belong With Me”, which is a superb pop song. However, all of this momentum comes from that Kanye moment. It’s just ridiculous.

    • Agreed there may have been nervousness. But as I said to PG, I’ve heard her be shaky vocally before, so this doesn’t seem like an isolated incident.

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