13 comments on “Random Notes – 11-19-09

  1. Screw the music 😛 It’s a cacophony of hotness in this post. Chris Richardson! The dudes from Lady Antebellum! The Boob! yes please. yes please. yes please.

    Oooo that showers cold 😛

  2. Firstly, LOL to Paul !

    I’ve never got the whole cover versions of Mr Buble, and never liked anything he has done, but this single, wow very impressive, Mr Buble will make a chart entry on My chart this week, for the first time! Oh and he does have a bit of spunk about him, still I haven’t met him yet!;)

  3. Glad to see that the Buble single has grown on ya. It’s been doing better than expected on the charts and has been hanging in the Hot 100 for longer than even I expected!

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