19 comments on “GaGa: Too Much Too Soon?

  1. I think her case is unique in that most of know that her album was bumped more than a half of a year. She rode that whale in the Just Dance video till that fucker probably popped, and was more than ready for some new stuff. I for one, applaud her taking notice of, and showing some love to the people that support her. I think her seemingly unwavering affection and respect for her fans will keep her in the Fame game for years to come.

    • But does catering to “the fans” give her longevity? There will always be a certain portion of an artist’s fanbase taht can never get enough, but it’s more for the casual fan that I have questions.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, John. I share the exact same sentiments and posted about similar concerns too. It is all too much, too soon. I am worried that her uniqueness might wear itself out and that it all becomes a novelty rather than focussing on what really matters most to me, the music.

    We should always live in the moment though. Even if it doesn’t last forever, she has achived greatness.

    • Amen to living in the moment. The novelty effect is a big one, too. Not to compare her talents, but Vanilla Ice was huge, huge, huge, and then went bust. I would hate to see the same thing happen here.

  3. She certainly has achieved amazing things – loving the NKOTB comparison. I was in the mood for someone to do a cover of “Tonight” the other day 😛 Anyway, I do wonder whether she can keep this relentless (seemingly) pace up of “shocks”, thrills and imagery. I think that’s one of my main gripes with her is that she seems to be plowing through madonna’s career (and others) in a year instead of over a number of years – yet that may very well be the reason the world loves her. I’m dreading the Sex book being released at Easter 😛 (I jest!)

    • Maybe the biggest shock will be when she can eliminate the novelties and shocks and just be an artist.

  4. Interesting perspective. I’m on the fence. I feel that ‘Monster’ is fantastic, for sure, but I think, as someone who supported her before ‘Just Dance’ exploded, everyone’s passionate obsession with her can be pretty intense sometimes.

    I doubt SHE’ll burn out musically, because she seems like a real innovator and true fan of good pop. However long the public will adore her is another story…I guess only time will tell. As Paul said – I thinks he’s more associated with crazy outfits and wacky interviews and insane performances than her music at this point. It’s kind of sad, really.

    • Trust that I agree with you on the creativity end of things. She seems like she will be putting out crazy genius music for years to come. It will be interesting to read the breakdown of her career 10 years from now.

  5. I didn’t make the NKOTB connection (at all) but once reading your post, I see the chart resemblences now. I dunno. I think LG is very smart and striking while she’s still hot. My thought is if she chose to wait 1-2 years writing and producing new album, who knows what the musical climate will be like then? At least the new songs are GOOD. I cannot get them out of my head! Genius, really.

    • The brilliance of all this is that she actually seems to be in control of her career at this point. How cool is that? She’s still a rookie, and yet she’s calling the shots.

  6. It’s a good question. As a music fan, I’m always eager to hear new music from an artist as soon as possible (I can “burn out” and be ready for them to move on if they stay with one album campaign for long, but as long as there’s new music there’s no such thing as overload on a particular artist for me), but that’s not your question. The amount of public demand will be something to watch for.

    • The interesting thing with GaGa is that there has been at least a little bit of variety in her music (especially “Paparazzi”, which I thought had no chance in the US initially). With the next two logical singles being “Alejandro” and “Monster”, there’s even more variety in the music, so maybe she dodges the burnout bullet.

  7. i hear you loud and clear
    i’m in the process of writing my own theory of the Gaga effect..its Madonna just at a light years pace…hope to post it in the next hour or so ..tell me what you think?

    • And she did well
      born this way came but it was A REDUCTIVE version of Express Yourself ( Madonna -stated herself lol )
      And then the wheels fell off
      No more big singles
      No more big sales
      No more care
      Joanne was out of the charts in 3 weeks
      Not even a hit in the UK and Aus
      She’s got a statement but I think she’s failed hard especially when compared to the Queen of Pop – MADONNA !!

  8. Well, there is a bit of over-exposure but when the songs are this strong I think she’ll be ok. I kind of wish The Fame Monster was its own separate album and postponed until next year but saturation seems to be the new music marketing technique!

    • Funny you should say that, because here it is now its own CD. You can get it on its own, or as a Deluxe Edition with The Fame included.

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