10 comments on “2009 – The Year in Albums

  1. Scary how similar our Top 3 albums were. But hey, we’re good like that. The Fame Monster at #1 is quite the way to usher in your love of the GaGa. And very spot on. It’s one of the best of the decade.

    • It is scary, isn’t it? For some reason, I have an issue with calling it one of the best of the decade, but I think it will hold up well. I’d much rather have an album with 6 out of 8 songs being stellar, as opposed to 6 out of 12 with your normal run-of-the-mill good album.

  2. we share quite a few similarities. I think i may be the only pop list in the entire universe that doesn’t feature Lady Cuckoo. Maybe next year. I am rather addicted to Bad Romance. Shh! Don’t tell Yuri 😛

    I haven’t invested nearly enough time in Mr Hudson (yum, literally!! FILTHY!) – every time i play it i just put on his debut instead. Gonna have a bash on walk to work on Monday!

    • Well, I think some of the similarities come from me taking in all of your recommendations through the year. I doubt I would have given Mika as much of a chance if you hadn’t waved the flag so high and so long. And we’ll always have Mr Hudson and the Library, which I bought the same day that I met you.

    • I did not, although I kind of wish I had. I was in the middle of my “poor Masters student” mode when it hit, so I had to settle for the Import on the regular release and nothing more. I guess I assumed that you had purchased it.

  3. So agreed re: The Noisettes. I only recently discovered them after listening to the NINE OST and picked up the album after. Ahh! So you did indeed love The Fame Monster. Wasn’t certain.

    • Noisettes = love. I am not surprised they didn’t make it here, but I am still disappointed. As for GaGa, I guess my blog about her didn’t actually have a review (did it prior to release), but yeah, I love it.

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