7 comments on “Video Notables – Midway State

  1. Happy New Year, sexy! Universal is completely irritating with their YouTube Nazi-like regime. Like honestly, it’s free promotion for them. Stop!

    • The whole blocking videos from being promoted away from YouTube blows my mind, but it is their property. If there is free promotion to be done, though, why stop it?

    • Happy New Year, back atcha! I think I saw her shopping at Safeway yesterday, or it may have been an escapee from the local nursing home.

  2. Everyone’s talking about this, huh? I wasn’t much for it when it leaked way back when, and I kind of root for Gaga no matter what (including on that Wale single that never quite blew up), but…I’m not so big on this.

    And word to Will W. I don’t understand the mentality…but I suppose some people rip songs from YouTube (even if it is not so great quality)…but…yeah, way to be paranoid, UMG.

    • I really like this, but I am a huge fan of the original, too. I like the idea that the theme is timeless, and anything that brings attention to Peter Gabriel (or Kate Bush) is fine by me. And to quote the Kinks “paranoia, self-destroyah!”

  3. yo happy new year my hard rocking amigo! This is ok – i’ve heard better versions, but then again i’ve heard worse. And i’m with you and Will-w and everyone else on the internet nazi youtube police! Enough already!

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