5 comments on “My Favorite (Musical) Mistakes

  1. Oh there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a bit of Hi Fidelity and Rainbow Connection! Adore those tunes 🙂 Jason Mraz does a rather lovely Rainbow Connection as it goes…

  2. Great post! That Bonnie Raitt song is a heartbreaker, even though I think its overall effect has been blunted a bit due to overplay, but that was the song that actually got me to buy Luck of the Draw.

    I still need to buy the Raining Janes stuff that you recommended!

    And one last thing – you are a man after my own heart if you were stapling vinyl covers up on your wall. I used to cut out the front of CD longboxes and TAPE them up on my closet door. There were certainly some doozies in there, I’m sure. And now, some of my favorite 80s albums serve as a “border” of sorts in my current office.

  3. I am SO sorry about Bonnie Raitt….ouch… but SO thankful for you sharing that AND the Yolanda Adams song. It’s wonderful and Yolie can thank you for the purchase.

  4. Paul, agreed, although there’s something just a tad freaky about the “Rainbow” cover. It’s almost like he’s dueting with Willie Nelson at parts of the song.

    Dan, do you realize how much money I forfeited by stapling those albums? Dollars, I’m sure.

    D’luv, I’m saving the biggest revelations for the memoir. Care to contribute a quote for the back cover?

    Micah, you’re much too kind, especially since I won’t see one red cent of that royalty. Paula Deen is probably thinking the same thing about you right now as I type this (like she needs the money)!

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