5 comments on “Idols A’Poppin

  1. I might *MIGHT* give Archie a spin – i did like him on the show, but have become far less enamoured of him since. However, your enthusiastic review has me curious,,, i’ll report back to you!

  2. Paul, how you don’t like “Crush,” I have no idea!

    I really like “Touch My Hand” on this, but I’ve still only listened to the other tracks through once, so I don’t think I can remember enough to say more at this point. Speaking of listening through once, I like the sound of the clips of David C.’s album, I think (once again, who can tell based on clips?).

    I’m looking forward to Idol for your coverage of it!

  3. Yeah, my Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting in January are shot too. I’m a sucker for the auditions. Wonder what the new judge will do to the chemistry? Boys vs Girls? Or everyone vs Simon? We shall see.

  4. Paul, my enthusiasm caught ME by surprise, but I have a feeling you’ll eat some of that up off the floor like a dog at a 3 year old’s birthday party.

    Ms Girl, your judgment carries much weight around these parts, so if you like it, that carries weight. And yes, there will be much commentary of the upcoming season. You’ll be begging me to stop before the auditions are over, I think.

    Yuri, I’m interested to see what happens. They haven’t indicated any structural changes, but it is still a bit early. I’m sure they’ll hit us with a bombshell in December to prime us for January.

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