6 comments on “How “Thriller” Changed My Life

  1. I love stories like this – really puts the music into a different perspective and gives it a fresh appeal. Yay to your writing, yay to Thriller and yay to *that* dance still being virally broadcast all over the world!

  2. You would have never in a million, million years have thought that MJ would become the freakster that he is today when watching the Thriller vids. I totally agree he raised the bar with the video production and the stellar quality of the singles. I’m sure Quincy Jones had a lot to do with the magic of the album too. But I had a big ole laugh at your “on like Donkey Kong” line … priceless!

  3. donstuff, that was just downright freaky. Cool, but it would hurt my head to watch it again.

    Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed. I find it much easier to write these posts than the quick capsule posts, for some reason.

    Yuri, no kidding on the freak factor. It’s astonishing how radically he changed between the “Thriller” video and the cover of “‘Bad”. And the Donkey Kong line has “Yuri” written all over it.

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