6 comments on “Remember the Time

    • Thank you so much. I enjoyed yours as well. The words just poured out of me Thursday night.

  1. This is great, sorry for not commenting further. I found it very hard to express the rollercoaster of emotions that I’ve been feeling since Michael’s death but the last paragraph of this post comes very close.

    Just an aside – You really think “Dangerous” is better than “Off The Wall” & “Thriller”? Bitch, put down the pipe!

    • Thanks for the compliment. The funny thing about that last paragraph is that it took his passing for that idea to even come to me. Sad, but true.

      *puff* I don’t think Dangerous is his best work, but as I say in the link, I think it’s the most representative of who he was as an artist. There is some pretty brilliant stuff on there, and the only thing that keeps it from being up with Off the Wall and Thriller is the mix of producers. Let’s be honest…Wall and Thriller would not have been the consistent works that they were without Quincy. *puff*

  2. John, that was a great tribute and one of your reasons why i love your blog, when I was growing up I often wished I had been growing up in America and if I had I would have loved to have known a great music fan like you.
    You like so many songs I like,

    • David, that’s what has been so great about blogging. I’ve made the acquaintance of many music fans like yourself that I can relate to. I really appreciate all the kind words.

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