4 comments on “Release It!

  1. Hmm, i’m all for Prince being creative in how he releases his music as long as he gets back to being creative with his music. It worries me that he has three albums out in 2009 – how much of that will be overbloated filler?

  2. Good point, Paulie. I’m ready for some GOOD Prince tunes again. He is a prolific writer, but maybe 10% of that output is good. I’ll be checking out the releases nevertheless.

  3. Unfortunately he also 1) sues fans, 2) blocks his work being distributed by youtube and 3) will shut out small record stores in his bid for big cash. You are right to wonder – for every Eagles or AC/DC, there is a Guns N Roses and Prince, sadly, has become more like the latter.

    I’ve heard a few of the new songs and nothing is wowsers. The hype will say “He’s back” like it always does. And he never is.

  4. Paul, in his defense, only two of the three releases are his. But just ask Sheila E, Jill Jones, the Family, Vanity 6, Carmen Electra, etc just how much of their releases was THEIRS.

    Yuri, I will check it out as well, but expectations are VERY low after “Planet Earth”. “Musicology” is the only Prince in the 21st Century worthy of my CD player.

    XO, please don’t take this entry as an endorsement. My fascination is with the industry aspect of the release. I’m with you in disgust about some of his actions (did I mention he’s apparently got a homophobic streak?), and yeah, the hype machine is running on fumes now.

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