6 comments on “Shayne Ward Grows On You

  1. always good to see a shayne entry (which sounds quite dirty, but that might just be me :P) I have yet to catch shayne live, and i just wish his record company would treat him a little better than they do. There would be no need for comfort eating then would there?

  2. Isn’t it funny how producers flock to put up the less-than-stellar tracks that’ve been rejected on their myspace or websites? It’s like “listen to my failures” or something and I just don’t get that! When I grow up (please no PCD parallels PLEASE) and be a big time producer, you are only going to hear the BESTEST of the bestest from me.

  3. Paul, everything you say ends up sounding dirty. Don’t fight it, mm’kay? And if you can hook up a private performance in Birmingham for mid-May, I would greatly appreciate that.

    Yuri, it’s not funny, it’s SAD. These tracks sound like something recorded in the back of a car after paying off the producer with some kind of sexual favor. They’re that bad.

    Mike, I wouldn’t say no to either form of Shayne. Just sayin’…

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