11 comments on “What’s Shayne Ward Doing?

  1. my computer just shortcircuited from me drooling unattractively on the keyboard. Shayne, my heart belongs to you, but colby can watch 😛

  2. I adore Colby’s part in “Beautiful.” That and the cheesy ’80s drum roll over the final chorus in “My Life Would Suck Without You” are probably my two favorite things on American radio at the moment.

    Shayne news is ALWAYS welcome! I was just wondering what he was up to. A new album can’t come soon enough for me.

  3. I love love loved “Breathless”. I hope for more good things from him! As for Colby — it took me forever to put the two and two together that “What You Got” was done by the same person who guested in “Just Dance”…but I’m rooting for him, I suppose.

    And also, wanted to drop in and tell you that I gave you a Dardos Award. Check my blog for more details. 🙂

  4. Colby o’Donis is the Luckiest guy in the world this kids Handliers are doing everything right check out his myspace schedule OMG it reads like the who’s who in Entertainment and he is the niciest guy I’ve met he’s a real dude that sings about real things this new song Let you go is the bomb its on full rotation on all the major radio stations

  5. Paul, how many of those keyboards do you go through a month?

    PG, I liked “Beautiful” upon first listen, but it was Colby’s part that really caught my attention. The vocals fit that track perfectly. I love the fact that you had documented your first listen in my comments!

    Yuri, you give me too much credit.

    Mel, I’m way behind on my blogs this week, but thank you so much! Hope you know I’m a big fan of yours as well.

    Ken, I have high hopes for the record, which means it will disappoint.

    DJ JJ, have to admit I haven’t heard “Let You Go” on any stations yet, but I think he’s got a shot at another hit.

  6. Hmm.. we’ll have to see about Colby. It seems like the label’s resources are tied up in other artists. If not this album, there’s still time. He’s so young!

  7. Impressive blog. If you are on Facebook Shayne has a group there called Tell Him where fans can tell him directly what they like, or dislike and would like to see from him in the future. Check us out 🙂 x

  8. Will-W, I’ve heard nothing about the new single making any impact, but maybe it’s bubbling under.

    Tell Him, thanks so much for the compliment, and I will definitely check out the FB group.

  9. agree with what you have to say re Shayne Ward and his record label, so many great tracks on the Breathless album that should have been released as singles ! He has done so well without any back up from them or the radio stations and his thousands of dedicated fans are eagerly awaiting his new album which will be amazing i know !

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