7 comments on “2008 – The Year In Albums

  1. You finally called Cookie “Cookie”!!! I must be rubbing off on you. LOL

    Although we had scant few common albums, that’s cool anyways. Adele was a good choice for your #1. Your list seems very “you” so kudos for staying true to yourself despite all the other lists that have been posted thus far.

    And a big ole Happy New Year to ya, btw! I’m very glad to have found this little corner of the inna’nets this year and look forward to more of your musings in ’09. Keep up the good work, mister.

  2. hurrah for Jason at #2. it’s been a delight to see that boys career grow ever since i heard the remedy all those years ago. well about 5 years ago anyway. If you haven’t heard the equally life affirming Life is Wonderful from his second album (and i’m sure you have) check it out now! And William at three. Hurrah.

    And you just know i’m warming to la cook….

  3. I have to comment on your Keyshia Cole inclusion, I, too, have been blown away by this newest release. This is definitely the sound of a soulful queen on the rise and coming into her own……

  4. Okay, your list is making me have to go back and listen to some stuff over again. I am glad that you went goo goo over Adele too; she is AMAZING.

  5. I totally agree with Solange. Fabulous album! I also loved Michelle Williams’ trashy foray into pop, while Watershed is typical KD brilliance. I’ll have to check some of these other divas out too.

  6. Yuri, Happy New Year to you and yours as well. And yeah…I just gotta be me. It’s a blessing an a curse.

    Paul, I actually felt guilty leaving JMraz at #2…it was THAT tight of a debate around the water cooler. Sad how that happens, when I’m the only one there…

    Joe, I could not agree more. I really enjoyed the last one, and when I saw the cover of this one, I was nervous. Crisis averted.

    Duane, this list pales in comparison to yours. Your Top 31 stands as a testament to 2008, and should be enshrined somewhere. Seriously…it’s THAT good.

    Mike, the fact that you’re the only person to be aware of the kd lang speaks well of your taste and sensibilities. Your meds must be as good as mine.

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