6 comments on “Tell Me Why

  1. “Why” is a great song. Makes you scratch your head why it didn’t do better on the charts? It’s funny, a friend of mine didn’t care for Annie as a member of Eurythmics, but she loves her solo work. Funny, right?

  2. What a magnificent lead off song from an amazing album. Just wonderful – I love what she does on this album. Little Bird is glorious.

  3. The first “real” song I loved was apparently Annie’s “Walking On Broken Glass” (to the point that my parents put it on a mixtape for me with the theme song to Pippi Longstocking, if that gives my age at the time away) and, years later, Diva was one of the first albums I owned. A nostalgic attachment is always going to link me to “Walking,” but as I’ve grown up, “Why” has come to make so much sense and to have a real beauty to it. It’s a classic, even under the most stringent definition of the word.

    • What a great association! For me, “Why” will always be New York City, because it was out around the time that I took my first real trip there.

  4. I love Diva, in fact, I considered it my favorite album for many years. And “Why” is the best track on it. “Little Bird,” “Legend in My Living Room,” “Stay By Me” are really great too. Oddly, although I love the whole thing, I’ve never been particularly fond of “Walking on Broken Glass,” despite it being the biggest hit.

    • There is something a bit hokey to me about “Glass”, but there is also no denying it is a great song.

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