6 comments on “What’s A Video For?

  1. ADORABLE. I want a kid like that. Do you think they’d let me borrow him for a day or something?

    More seriously, it’s a good example of making a video enjoyable on a low budget.

    • The kid is pretty impressive. i guess my parting thought is if you can’t do anything to push the song along or make it more memorable, why bother?

  2. ditto on the rather charming child 😛

    And i love it when support acts turn out to be quite good actually. And the Cookie! Almost but not quite forgot him and my little brush with him at Disneyworld. Five finger shufflingly good 😛

    • I do love the surprise opening acts as well. One of my all-time favorites was eastmountainsouth, who opened for Tracy Chapman several years ago.

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