12 comments on “Video Notables – Janet Jackson

  1. “Discipline” was such a strong album, and underrated, here’s hoping this single puts Janet back where she should be!

  2. Thanks for posting that. I agree it has a “Scream” vibe, and the way the dance routine is done reminds me of Madonna’s “Lucky Star.” It would be nice for Janet to have a hit, and I guess the AMA’s are a decent showcase for her (although for all the meaning that an AMA has, I might as well be handing out music awards too).

  3. I’m all for this, but it was just timed all wrong. It should’ve been released next year. There’s just too much to process right now for me to give this the proper attention it deserves.

  4. I’m ready for Janet to be back too, so I’m hoping this will be a nice sizeable hit for her, or at least give her back some much needed buzz.

    • Did you see the Janet interview with ABC (US) last week? LaToya told her early on that she was going to have a weight problem. Is that why you call Toy a visionary?

  5. It’s a tight vid, but WTF with the promotion of it? I swear Janet’s record co. folks mus think it’s still 1986 or something… Hello! Records just don’t sell themselves anymore…get with the program…!

    • I would imagine the record company is in a bad position, trying to promote the record without being seen as jackals, dining on the grave of her brother. The single deserves much more attention than it is getting.

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