10 comments on “Super Monday

  1. Lady GaGa is doing well too. I read Rihanna isn’t selling as strongly as hoped though. Probably because “Russian Roulette” has not become a big hit.

  2. Well perhaps sales aren’t what they used to be at all in the music industry no matter what time of year. It’s weird though that the Boyle is likely to sell nearly as many copies in England!!

    Sales clearly are down – look at all the hype and singles sales in the US, yet Lady Cuckoo has yet to top 2 million. It feels like a 5 million selling album stateside but it’s not 😦

    • Absolutely feel you on the GaGa perception. When I saw it was only at 1.6 million, I was pretty stunned. She will be well over 2 million units by the end of the month between the two releases.

  3. I hear Glammy and GaGa are doing well. GaGa has the #1 album on iTunes (yay to that). But yeah, the record companies are not getting the $$ they used to back in the day.

  4. CDs just aren’t selling like they used to, no matter who is putting them out and no matter the content on them. Sad but true. As for Boyle, she definitely appeals to a demographic that would rather buy the physical CD than download it illegally, so I’m not really surprised she’s raking in the numbers. What IS sad is that the young people today won’t have the same passion to support THEIR artists. It’s sad.

    • No arguments at all, but I think as modes of distribution change, there might be some way to recapture some of the record buying public. First, the record companies need to evolve. Nothing will change until that occurs.

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