4 comments on “Changing the Game

  1. The news about shortened audition showing is very welcome for me–I’ve completely stopped watching those. It’s not worth sitting through everything else and what they do to people just to see a few minutes of great singers.

  2. I’m totally happy with the news! More Hollywood shows! That’s where the rubber meets the road.

    Plus, I swear the producers pick out the freaks and “slow” folks to make a fool out of. I was never cool with that.

  3. Will, apparently, she is. Or maybe they’re scripting her departure, as they script so many other things on the show.

    PG, the auditions have been so painful the last two seasons that I really didn’t pay attention until Hollywood week. Great minds think alike!

    Yuri, agreed on both counts. They really were taking advantage of some folks that didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of.

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