5 comments on “Random Notes – 10/27/08

  1. Well, if Madonna is in full meltdown mode, it certainly didn’t show at the concert last night. I have never seen her smile and be engaged with the audience more than I was last night.

    I’ll be doing a full review of the concert, but it might be a day or two in the coming.

  2. Why is so much good music crammed into the last month or two of the year? Can’t people spread it out? are they scared that their albums will only be bought as last minute stocking fillers? It’s ace to get so much new stuff but a little annoying – where is the time to enjoy it all!!!

  3. Ooo, I’d love to see the Killers live. If only they’d play somewhere that wasn’t too many hours away from me…

    I’m really enjoying a good number of the songs on the Saturdays album, too–I think I’ve mentioned my love of “Lies” and “Chasing Lights” in just about every comment I’ve made about it somewhere!

  4. Ditto to what Dan said! You’d never in a million years know that Madge was having any problems based on her performance Sunday. I did see the shots imbibed during the “gypsy” segment but that sorta was the party-vibe and so I didn’t think too much of it. There were certainly no “winehouse” moments with bottles onstage or any of that foolishness. Madonna was nothing but class, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen–ever.

  5. Dan, I guess I’m glad to hear that. I’ve actually never seen her live, so I tend to not really respond to the “what Madonna will show up” conversations that occur around her tours.

    Paul, it’s those evil retailers, trying to make sure that stockings are stuffed with the latest CDs. Having done the retail thing years ago, I can honestly say that, from a revenue standpoint, it IS the most wonderful time of the year.

    PG, come on out to Denver! I’ll be your date.

    Yuri, forgive me. The combination of bottles and Madonna onstage creates a visual that I really can’t share on a family-oriented blog.

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