9 comments on “Random Notes – 03-31-10

  1. I love Tino’s anthem! I’m just not 100% convinced about the video.

    Re Xtina – I want to love it but it’s just a bit underwhelming. It has grown on me, however, so maybe I’ll come to love it.

    • The video isn’t exactly Earth-shattering, but I suppose it does its job. And Xtina is growing on me as well.

  2. The Xtina track has already been yanked! Not sure why…it’s not the “mother lode” of new material that it has been hyped to be. More retro than forward, but perhaps it could be a grower.

  3. I love Christina, but what was she thinking in making this the first single? I noted on Fizzy’s blog that I’ve listened to this 30+ times and still can’t regurg. the chorus back and that’s a serious problem.

    • I like it, but don’t love it. There’s going to be a built-in audience for her album, so even marginal radio play will help bolster sales. Then she comes out with the powerhouse track as the second single, just in time for the album release, and the set-up is complete. Now let’s see if that’s how it goes.

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