5 comments on “Go White Boy, Go White Boy GO!

  1. It is amazing to me how people don’t know what they are talking about before they stick their foot in their mouths.

    Robin has cleared up that comment, in which he stated it was his buddies not Vibe who said that. He also jokes that it is “accomplishment discrimination” that kept him from the cover not his race. He knows he haven’t earned the industry credentials to earn the cover yet.

    But instead of those doing research and listening to what the man has to say they stay on the non truths.

    And I love the fact he doesn’t give two ish about what people think about him. A lot of folks would send out a press statement, Robin just lives his life and answers the question when asked.

    I appreciate a grown man compared to a pompous child such as Jon B.

    Newsflash Jon, Michael McDonald, Phil Collins, George Michael, the Bee Gees, Average White Band, Simply Read, etc. all came before you.

    From what I’m seeing, Jon B is the arrogant SOB not Robin. He actually letting his work do the talking. And record sales means nothing. Rihanna is a top seller but would anyone say she can sing as well as Ledesi or Goapele who struggle to move records.

  2. I’m not a Robin Thicke fan, I just love good music. I happen to think Robin is a great artist. I don’t consider Jon B nor Justin to be artists. Of course they have had great songs but they don’t fit my definition of an artist. An artist to me are able to make me think, feel, imagine, inspire to become better. Robin’s music is able to do that for me. Very few singers can do that and Robin happens to be my guy of the moment.

    I really don’t care about Jon so there is nothing really to say about him. I can only tolerate one person full of himself and even that takes a lot of work. He’ s nowhere near Kanye’s level so he’s not worth the effort.

  3. Anonymous, agreed on Jon B’s comments. Not exactly mature, but Homes has to sell records, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Let’s be fair, though…his behind CAN talk. Two gold and one platinum. He does have some credibility.

    Laura, I love your comparison of Jon to Kanye. Nice call! You do have to give props to Justin, though, because the success of “Justified” probably gave Robin a second chance after “A Beautiful World” bombed.

    Dan, I wonder the same thing about you sometimes.

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