6 comments on “It’s Raining Jane, Hallelujah!

  1. You know, speaking of eastmountainsouth, have you heard any of Peter Bradley Adams’ solo work? There’s a song of his that is absolutely making my best of 08 list called “The Longer I Run.” It is gorgeous.

    I have been meaning to check out eastmountainsouth for some time. And thanks to this post, I’m going to be checking out Raining Jane as well.

  2. Dan, as much as it pains me to say this, I have a mental block on PBA’s solo music, since it was apparently his choice to disband eastmountainsouth. I’m sure you can find the CD very cheap, but once you listen, you’ll understand my minor mourning over their breakup. I will check out “Run” on your recommendation, though.

  3. Raining Jane Rocks. Saw the Seattle show and it was great. A Sara B and RJ show is a great combo. Check emout on itunes :o)

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  5. Watching the Flowers of Raining Jane Bloom and Bloom…
    “From Seeds Like these flowers of Life have grown
    “From Seeds like these Immortality was Sown
    Dancing into the Mystery, papadave

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