4 comments on “Not a “Little Voice”

  1. Oh no! I hate it when sound issues mar a concert 😦 Still it sounds like you had a good time – the cover versions sound really interesting. I do like it when an artist mixes it up on stage with things like that 🙂

  2. I have been to several shows where the sound was too much and made my experience bad. Coincidentally enough, one of those shows was the first time I saw Sara, who was opening for Marc (I went to see Marc Broussard, and had never heard of Sara then). Well, the band between her and him was WAY too loud, and as a result, I was so over it by the time Marc came on. I do think it is funny how full circle it came for those two though… glad that they are still touring together.

    I hope that the next show you see is at a smaller venue; she really excels at that type of performance. I hope she doesn’t get so big that she stops doing them.

  3. Paul, it was a great experience overall. I’m letting the sound quality jade me a bit here, but Sara was on point.

    Duane, yeah, they made a good match as far as the billing went. I was hoping that she’d come out and sing on the song they did together, but no luck there. I have gotten the CD, but just haven’t had a chance to listen yet. That may be tonight.

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