5 comments on “Behind the Velvet Rope

  1. Poor Janet. How I long for the glory days of the Control-RN1814-janet trifecta. I sort of lost interest after that, though many years after the fact I really did come to appreciate Velvet Rope…

  2. It’s funny, while waiting for Madonna to start, my friend Jeff was saying that he would probably go to a Janet Jackson concert. I’m not sure I would, although I suppose it would come down to how much the tickets cost.

  3. Miss Jackson sure is having some probs on this tour. Wonder what the “real” reason LL left the tour? Not making enough $$ perhaps?

    I’d probably go and see Janet too, but I’m not about to trek across the country to see her either. She ain’t Madonna now! 😛

  4. Paul, not only is Velvet Rope a “grower”, but it’s on my all-time top 10 albums. From where I’m standing, there isn’t a misstep to be found on the disc.

    Dan C, from the sound of some of these shows, they might pay you to fill a seat for them.

    Michael, thank you so much for the catch. My late-night error has been corrected.

    Yuri, I know you have your reason, but there’s something that has never sat well with me regarding Madonna’s concerts. At least Janet genuinely seems to like having an audience at her shows. The way Madonna accosts/looks down on her audiences at times has rubbed me the wrong way. Who’s paying who, anyway?

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