4 comments on “Chart Notables – 10-30-08

  1. You’re spot-on about “Right Here (Departed)”–it really is an excellent song, even if one of those odd songs that when I heard it I thought “this sounds very radio-friendly, but I don’t know if it’s actually going to get played on the radio.”

    I would kind of love to know what’s going on behind the scenes in the camp of Lady GaGa–it seems like she’s got more label support/tolerance (willing to be patient and keep trying) behind her than a lot of new artists do. The radio push timing, even if it ends up working, still seems odd.

  2. I totally missed Gaga’s jump to #49 this week. I guess I must have blinked. I was just thinking about how long the song’s been out and available to d/l (via the inna’nets). Does she really hope to have a hit record here? She’s gonna haveta workit, fer shure, if that’s what she wants. Nothing happens by accident anymore on the charts!

  3. Good lord, it’s no wonder Blahblah rises 10 spots – the amount of money and publicity thrown at her. A non blogging friend from Utah wrote to me and said he felt like it wasn’t a normal tv night if she didn’t pop up in something and then wrote “jeez, alright! I’ll buy your damn song if you just leave me alone”. Hence the 10 place jump!

    And yay for I Stay In Love. How glorious is that. Something simple leaving out the whistles and bells. Viva mariah.

  4. Despite the fatigue that we might be experiencing here in the blogosphere, Lady GaGa is new to a lot of folks. Every time that she appears on TV (Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy Kimmel), her sales spike. I can’t say I blame an artist that can get those prime exposure spots to promote themselves.

    PG, thanks for the validation on Brandy. First time I heard it, I just thought it was okay, but it’s really grown on me. And I recently heard some remixes that are really solid.

    Paul, it’s as if Mimi herself was listening to you on the single choice!

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