5 comments on “The Future of PopMusicNotes

  1. John, what a great post to come back with, I keep on starting and restarting as well, I think Twitter and the rise of other social media outlets stalled us from writing, I go to post a new song and go on twitter and see that the world and his/her cat has already done it and then i do nothing and feel strangely a bit down instead of up, I think the key to that is do it anyway, it will always be our take on it or our joy of hearing a new pop gem, When i first started blogging in 2006 there here was nothing as uplifting like the joy of sharing a post on pop music with guys like you, Yuri and my other favourite pop bloggers, there is something wonderful that a 40 something guy like me still gets joy from hearing a great pop song and knowing that other pop bloggers all around the world do too, your favourite songs of last year made me nod several times as I read them as there were many that I loved too, keep writing John and best wishes for the new year, David.

    • David, thanks so much for taking the time to post this. You hit it on the head that we should still share our loves and our thoughts. I’d love to see you posting as well. (Hint hint) Be well, and thanks again. Your comments made my day.

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