8 comments on “High Jump, Low Debut

    • Absolutely…Jay Sean and Jason both had singles that sold over 1 million copies. But is that a success anymore? And is it possible for a project with a worldwide scope and projection to break even under those conditions (high single, low CD)?

    • I don’t think Derulo is done, but this does show he hasn’t really evolved from being a radio star.

  1. RE: DeRulo. Word. Artists should feel lucky to have garnered enough attention on a single, and if that translates to albums, than it was meant to be. I didn’t see DeRulo turning into much more than a one-hit-wonder anyway — the most appealing thing about “Whatcha Say” was the Imogen sample.

    RE: Taio. I’m super surprised by this. I didn’t even realize it was big on the radio market here and all of a sudden its all over iTunes and #1 on the Hot 100. It feels so immediate, even though I’ve been spinning that song for what feels like forever. Good for him, I say. BUT – wasn’t “I Just Wanna Know” released here? I remember getting a copy of his other UK album a few years back, hearing that cut and thinking why does this sound familiar? And then I realized my local station in the-middle-of-nowhere-Central-New-York was spinning it all the time. I know it’s not in my head…I think.

    • I actually love “In My Head”, but the full-length is not very good. Let’s hope this is a wake-up call for JR Rotem that he can’t just slap his siren and name on a whole CD and expect it to sell. As for Taio, I don’t recall the first album getting a release, but singles get floated all the time from overseas, and never see a full-length release. My beloved Liberty X comes to mind…

  2. Chock me up as shocked too re: Tao. Good on him though. His duet with Ke$ha, I bet, will be a hit if released. Everything that hooker touches right now is a hit.

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