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  1. Re: Internet buzz. I am immensely annoyed by people telling me what I “should” like. There’s a difference between recommending an artist and forcing them down my throat. Sadly, I think that’s why I cannot get into La Roux and even Little Boots (if I want to listen to Kylie, I’ll listen to Kylie.) I like it enough, but it’s just not as great as everyone billed it to be.

    • Boots is in no way ready to fill Kylie’s boots, but there is some pretty great pop music on “Hands”. I try to keep my praise to the facts, rather than the idolization that some blogs attempt to generate for their favorites.

  2. People will always try and find pop rivalries – it goes back to Debbie vs Tiffany, Oasis vs Blur, and probably further back than that although i’m too lazy to think up examples. If it wasn’t the blogs it would be the press. They just like rivalries whether they exist or not.

    Internet buzz has become ridiculous in the past few years. I find myself veering away from recommending new acts because i don’t want people to think i’m saying they are the next big thing. I’m not – i’m realistic. Most the acts i’ve liked over the past few years of blogging have amounted to nothing. That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed their temporary musical output!

    Perez – UGH! Hateful. it’s ridiculous that I am put off Sliimy because of him, but I am. He’s just insiduously horrible, and that whole calling whoever a fag in the black eyed peas faux pas just proved what a nasty little person he is.

    • Conflict sells, apparently. But you have brought me some pretty fun pop music that I may forget about a year from now (Mini Viva, anyone?), but it’s good for the moment. And thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one who is leaning away from Perez-endorsed acts.

  3. I’m with Dan. If I want Kylie, I’ll spin “Fever” not that sad British tranny impersonating her.

    I loved this post because I have so many musical biases. Seriously, there are too many to list!

  4. This is a good point — I never really thought about it but I think everyone has a few walls when it comes to musical opinion.

    I denyed La Roux for so long, and then I heard “In for the Kill” and just couldn’t be too cool for it anymore. Haha.

    Ditto to the whole Perez AND the Toby Keith stuff. I know you should judge a musician by their music, but sometimes personality gets in the way (I felt the same way about R.Kelly after all that madness with the legal dramz went down…and I still don’t like him for it). And I agree, while I find Perez’s website occasionally informative in a pathetic and often offensive way, I in no way endorse a lot of what he says.

    • R. Kelly…good call. I don’t care nearly as much about him as I used to. Now 12 Play…THAT was an album!

  5. Sometimes, when I read your opinions and writings, I feel like we are the same person. Seriously, I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote; especially about my hatred for all things Perez Hilton and Toby Keith.

    Although, I want to offer you an instance where a banjo in a pop song could be AMAZING:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxyBiBsVpSQ (even if I hate the Ying Yang twins)

    I like to think when she says, “it’s for all those southern boys out there”, she meant me 😀

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