9 comments on “Video Notables – Saturdays “Forever Is Over”

  1. i’ve listened a few more times. It’s not bloody awful. It’s only ok though – I don’t think it’s the phenomenal comeback song it needs to be though. I somehow get the feeling that I’m totally missing the point of it though so I reserve the right to be won over by convincing arguments 😛

    • Don’t you hate it when you have such high hopes for a single, and then it severely disappoints. Maybe I wasn’t that far ahead anticipating, and the surprise just glossed over it. Either way, I’m still enjoying the track.

  2. Why are these talentless hos even popular? Is it because they’re less tragic than Girls Aloud (which isn’t exactly hard)? I’m not feeling it.

    • So far, I think they’ve done alright with picking material. That matters somewhat, right?

  3. Wow — I thought everyone was in agreement with this one — Hmm…

    I think it’s effing incredible. Period. Can’t wait to hear a higher quality version.

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