6 comments on “Get Your Facts Straight

  1. Hi John,

    i totally agree with you, i couldn’t believe it when i heard Simon say that, I think it was done to put doubts in the voting lemmings minds, the slight bit of wavering doubt by Simon often has that result,
    it also drives me nuts when a an artist’s name song title is spelt incorrectly, it happens all the time in Irish media and just the other day in one of my academic television theory books for college Cyndi Lauper was printed as Cindy,

    love hearing what u think of X Factor, have a good week ahead,
    the intro to your post was lovely too.


    • I easily could have come up with a huge post on X Factor, but Paul pretty much has the end-all, be-all blog for that. I just live in his shadow. (I almost said ‘shower”…he’s such a bad influence!)

  2. Oh Simple Simon. And of course Billionaire was number one where?! Oh one week. In the Netherlands. Well that’s that then. I kinda wished Usher had told Simon live on stage and publically shamed him!! Oh well. One can dream.

    Almost as bad was Simon saying to Katie “oh you should have performed that” (Don’t Let Me Down – Will Young) “last night instead”. Um, because it made number two in England and number 27 in Ireland and the theme was number ones. You knob.

    The end

  3. John, I dub you “America’s foremost music chart journalist”. Fred Bronson better watch out!!! 🙂

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